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                                                Helium Tank Rental

We offer short and long term helium tank rental for car dealers, stores, real estate offices, builders etc. who inflate balloons onsite on a regular basis. Please call for pricing as not all areas can be serviced. We carry only jumbo steel tanks that inflate approximately 400 of the 11" latex balloons.

Balloons in Bulk
We use only the finest latex balloons and they are manufactured right here in the U.S. Tuf Tex balloons have been made in the U.S. for more than 95 years. You can not find a better quality or longer floating balloon anywhere.

We carry the most popular colors and sizes including the hard to find 17 inch balloons used by car dealers all the way up to 5 footers!  Other colors and sizes can be special ordered. Please call for the latest pricing information.

As a cost saving service for many of our clients, we also deliver fully inflated latex balloons for those who prefer to tie down or arrange the balloons themselves. This way they don't have to rent helium tanks or buy balloons and then find willing "volunteers" to come in early to blow the balloons up!

Imprinted Balloons
For our customers requiring large quantities of balloons imprinted with their logo - we are able to have them imprinted right at the factory. Please call for pricing information.


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